Where to Watch KDramas for Free Online

Check out the best apps and sites where you can Watch Korean Dramas for free!

There have been several Korean Dramas available on the internet including thriller, action, romance, fiction, and many more. But the big question remains how and where to watch the Korean dramas for free, how to download these dramas for free or the various websites and apps for watching the Korean drama. 

Where to watch Korean Dramas for free?

Several websites and apps are having Korean dramas on them to watch for free. The websites provide downloading the dramas also to watch it even in the no-internet zone. Watching Korean dramas can be as easy as searching or downloading, playing, and sitting back relaxing and enjoying the fun and entertainment. 

You can run these websites and apps on any device such as laptop, mobile, smartphone, or computer. Some of the lists of such websites and apps that offer binge-watching Korean dramas for free are mentioned below:

1. Dramacool

This is one of the wonderful places to start watching the K-dramas for free. For access to any kind of drama on this website, the user does not require a single penny. There is a plethora of dramas available on the website and also has subtitles to it. So there is no issue with language. The website is legal and does not require any kind of registration or account creation. The user can simply visit the website, search for the genre of the drama, and start watching.

The dramas are available in the downloadable format after creating an account. The website provides a list of dramas and movies to be searched by applying different filters such as status, country, genre, release year, and many more. It also has a drama calendar through which the user can find out the details about the episode of any drama that is aired on Tv and then watch the way they wish to.

2. Viu

This is a website that works without any account or subscription. It provides several dramas on the search and indulges basis. There is a wide range of dramas for the viewers to select from. If you are ok with the unauthorized free content then viu is a place to try. 

3. Dramafast

This website is a legal website with no cost to bear for watching the content. The browsing on the website is very easy and simple. All that the user has to do is search and watch. The only limitation with the app is that it has limited Korean dramas and the choice to select from is lesser as compared to the other websites. However, since it is free to use, binge-watchers do prefer the website.

4. Hancinema

This is a website with an array of Korean Dramas of all kinds of genres such as thriller, action, romance, and many more. The best feature that this website offers is, it has subtitles in most Asian Languages. The website is free of cost and satiates your cravings for watching Korean dramas. 

The website Hancinema keeps on updating its collection to add the latest dramas available. Therefore the viewers who wish to watch the new release and the latest dramas can adhere to the website as it is almost updated regularly and has a collection.

5. Gooddrama

This website is full of Korean dramas and the latest release all over the world. It is an authentic website and is also legal to use. The website shows a lot of advertisements between the series. But then it is a cost for no cost-free content to watch. The website is regularly updated for the latest releases and most of the dramas are available here.

6. Daebakdrama

Daebakdrama is a very good website for all your cravings to watch Korean drama. It is free and there is no registration cost or need to create an account. However, the only drawback that persists with this website is it has lots of advertisements popping up between the series that are sometimes annoying and disturbing. This website is very safe and secure to use. 

7. KissAsian

KissAsian is termed as the best of the best website by many binge-watchers. The reason is simple as it has all the dramas, movies, and series from all over the world including Thai, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean, and that too without paying any cost. The content is sorted alphabetically. 

The subtitles for drama are in English and also different kinds of video qualities are available for the viewers to select from. The website also offers several servers to select to watch through so that there is no disturbance due to connection issues.

The episodes of some of the dramas are also available to be downloaded so that you can watch them even in no internet zone. The website can be browsed through different devices such as laptops, mobile, smartphones, or personal computers. Though the advertisements pop up between the dramas they are not disturbing you’re binge-watch.

8. YouTube

YouTube is a magnificent library of various online content to be watched for free. Similarly, various Korean dramas are uploaded directly by the official TV Channels from South Korea for the viewers to watch for free.  KBS World Tv and SBS World are the two channels that upload their content on YouTube to watch. The dramas have subtitles in English for the convenience of the viewers and are entirely free of cost. Some of the Korean dramas include The Last Empress, Dr. Romantic and Dr. Romantic – 2, My strange Hero, Pinocchio, The Heirs, and many more. 

9. ViewAsian

If Dramacool and KissAsian are not your cups of tea, then go for ViewAsian. It has a library of almost all Korean movies and dramas that can be viewed free of cost. The website also offers different servers for the convenience of the users. This facilitates no disruption watch of any content. There are minimal advertisements between the binge-watch. 

Every drama page also has a comment section where the users can comment about their experience and watch and also comments of others is available for reading. The community feature creates a good social activity online. 

10. DramaHood

DramaHood is another good option for watching Korean dramas and movies online absolutely free. The videos on this website load very fast, and also there are very few advertisements when compared to other websites and apps. 

There are not many servers available, but the one that is provided is consistent and works efficiently. If the viewers wish to download an episode, it can be done directly from the video itself. 

There is also a huge library of Korean movies available on this website to be selected and watched apart from Korean dramas.

11. DramaDay

The website allows you to download videos and dramas from several websites such as Zippyshare, Uptobox, Google Drive, MEGA, and many more. One cannot watch dramas online but has to be downloaded and then watch. Different qualities such as 1080p, 720p, 540p of video content are available for download to save device storage and internet data. The high-speed download links make it more fascinating. 

However, the subtitles are not available in the video but can be downloaded externally. The link to download the subtitles is available on the same page where the video is available. 

Along with the dramas, even the original soundtracks can be downloaded easily. The entire album or the single track, the user can download anything they wish to have. 

12. OneTouch Tv

This website is a replica of the app to stream favorite dramas and other content. The navigation on the website is very simple and it is also mobile-friendly. The dramas are not at all disturbed by the pop-up ads except for some ads at the beginning.

Korean movies and dramas are available for watching for free on this website without any hidden cost. Apart from this content from Thailand and China are also available for free to watch. The website is regularly updated so all the latest releases are available for the viewers to watch. 

13. FDrama

FDrama is a wonderful Korean Drama website that has a huge collection of the latest releases, dramas, and movies. The website also provides English subtitles to all the episodes. The videos are loaded fast and easily and the website is mobile friendly. Therefore it can be browsed through on any of the devices such as smartphones, personal computers, or laptops. There are various servers for the convenience of the users. 

Besides Korean movies and dramas, the users can also watch Japanese, Thailand, Taiwanese, and Chinese dramas as well. 

Wrapping up: Websites to Watch KDrama for Free

These websites are amongst the few to watch the Korean drama for free. There are many other where you can watch the drama on a paid basis as well. Even the paid websites normally offer the subscription for free for a month or so. The users can take advantage of this. Some of these websites are believed to be illegal as they break the copyright law. It is typically recommended to use VPN to watch dramas on the website.

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