Download Alight Motion PRO for Android and PC (2024)

Alight Motion is a modern, light, yet advanced video editor available on all mobile devices.

The basic app is free to use, but there’s a paid subscription for a pro version with added benefits. But you can also get those benefits without having to pay for them. Here’s how to download Alight Motion PRO for Android and PC devices.

Image and video editing is more than a hobby or a creative window for passing the time. It has become a career option for many, whether for video editors or YouTubers who need it for their content. It has also become more accessible over time. Gone are the days when you needed a powerful computer to run video editing software. All of it can even be done by your smartphone now.

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Download Alight Motion PRO

  • Copy the direct download link given below.

  • Open a new tab in your browser and paste it.
  • Click enter.

Best Features of Alight Motion PRO

Alight Motion PRO version introduces many exclusive features you wouldn’t find in the regular app. 

  • No watermarks in the exported videos.
  • No ads.
  • All presets are unlocked.
  • Unlocked Chroma Key.
  • All fonts are available. 
  • Adds exclusive filters.

You get more extras with the PRO version, and you can expect new additions with time. 

Installing Alight Motion PRO on Android

Once you’ve downloaded the APK file, it’s time to install it properly. You will also need to allow installation from external sources to work. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to your respective Security settings.
  3. Look for the option that mentions “Allow Installation From Unknown Sources”. The wording may be different for different devices.
  4. Click on “Yes” when a prompt asks for confirmation. 
  5. Now, go to your downloads and tap on your newly downloaded Alight Motion PRO APK.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for it to finish!

Installing Alight Motion PRO For PC

Alight Motion isn’t available for desktop devices, but you can use the Android version on your PC with an emulator. A handful of such emulators are available on the internet, but BlueStacks is your best and most reliable bet. 

Downloading BlueStacks

  1. Go to the official BlueStacks website. 
  2. Scroll down and click ‘Download Bluestacks 10’ or the latest version.
  3. Your download will begin instantly. 

This only downloads an installer which will later download and install all required resources. Continue following the on-screen instructions to install the full software.  

Once you have installed BlueStacks, you can download the Alight Motion PRO application. 

  1. Open any browser from the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Download the APK file from above.
  3. Click on the file when done and follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  4. Once installed, an Alight Motion PRO icon will appear on the BlueStacks home screen.
  5. Tap on it to launch and have fun editing!


Do I need high system specs to run Alight Motion PRO?

Alight Motion isn’t very resource-consuming, and you should be able to run any version of the app on any average modern smartphone. You need a minimum of 1.5 GB RAM for it to work well, which is considered normal for mobile phones today.

Is downloading Alight Motion PRO safe?

Downloading modded or tweaked apps is safe if you do so from a trusted source. It is important to use a reliable website to download Alight Motion PRO that is free of viruses and malware. 

Is Alight Motion available on PC?

Alight Motion, by default, is only made for mobile devices and does not have an official build for computer devices. But you can use the application on your PC with an Android emulator. Maintain a distance from any application that claims to be an official desktop version of Alight Motion. 

What’s the best Android emulator for PC?

BlueStacks is the most popular and the best working Android emulator for computers. You can download it from the official BlueStacks website.  

Is the paid Alight Motion subscription worth it?

The premium subscription might be useful if you use Alight Motion regularly and for more than a hobby. The premium version unlocks many features and elements you require in video editing. 

Conclusion: Download Alight Motion Premium Free

Alight Motion is easily one of the top three video editors for mobile devices of all time. The app is easy to get used to, the features are handy, and there aren’t a lot of limitations, considering it works on all mid-tier devices. The premium version has even more features you’d love, and you don’t have to pay for it either. 

The guide provided here will help you if you want to use all your creative potential without a paid barrier blocking your way. 

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