Best Android OS for PC 2023 (32/64 Bit)

Ranking the Best Android OS for PC compatible with 32 and 64-bit devices.

Computer is a collection of hardware and software that work in coordination to get the work done quickly and efficiently. With the computer, anything is possible these days. It is being used in every field of work be it learning, working, gaming and so on and so forth. To function properly, the computer needs some mandatory softwares without which the whole concept of the computer itself is useless, and that software is called as OS i.e. Operating System

Operating System, as the name indicates it will actually operate the computer. It acts like an interface between the hardware, software and the user. It helps the user to communicate the instructions to the computer to get their work done. It also shares the data between different softwares and between software and hardware. Without an OS, you cannot do anything with the computer. You can also install multiple OSes on your PC. Few of the most commonly used OS are Windows, Linux, MAC etc.

Android is also an Operating System which is mainly designed for handheld devices that operate with touch technology.It is an open source and modified version of Linux Kernel. It is developed by Open Handset Alliance, led by Google and Other companies. It has some interesting features which made it very popular among other OS. some of them are:

  • Lightweight database i.e. SQLite is used for data storage.
  • It provides a Beautiful and interactive User Interface that helps the user to easily operate the device.
  • It has a wide range of connectivity like GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wifi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX.
  • It enables the user to perform multi-tasking i.e. the user is allowed to run multiple tasks at the same time and can switch between the tasks.

You might be thinking how amazing it would be if the Android OS can be installed on your PC. Though it is not that easy, it is still possible. As it is basically designed for smartphones and tablets, it needs some emulators to be downloaded to emulate just like the android. Then the question is which are the Best Android OSes for PC? Some of the Android OS are listed below.

Best Android OS for PC:

Here are some of the Android OSes for PC with their features. Scroll down to know more.

1. Remix OS:

Remix OS is not exactly the emulator but actually the Android Operating System for your PC as it uses all your system resources to run the apps or games at its full capacity. It is one step ahead of the mere simulators like BlueStack to increase the performance of the devices and efficient working of the android apps. Though the users of different PCs have differences in their opinions regarding the Remix OS, it is overall considered a better option for the Android OS.


  • Special Feel: Remix OS is actually a mix of Android and Windows with Android working and Windows Feel thus giving you a different feel while using it.
  • System Tray: It provides the System Tray that pops up the notification of internet connection or any other general notification.
  • Start Menu: Just like Windows, it provides the start menu which makes it easy for the user to browse through the apps.
  • Lightweight: It is a lightweight OS that can be easily installed and used on your PC.
  • File Manager: It provides a Linux like File Manager that allows the user to manage the files. Also, it helps to personalize the batch actions.
  • Google Play Store: It provides Google Play Store which helps the user to download any Android app or games into Remix OS just by logging onto their Google account.
  • User Interface: the user interface of the Remix OS looks like Windows 10. It looks cleaner and lighter.

Best Android OS for PC

2. Prime OS:

Prime OS is an Android Operating System powered by AndroidX86 project. It enables you to run all your android apps on your PC. It gives you a desktop experience similar to your Windows or MAC OS without having to face any difficulties. It is an open source and it can be installed directly on your PC just like a Linux OS or it can be used as a Live USB option which helps you to experience the complete idea of the OS before completely installing it on your PC.


  • User Interface: It provides an easy and comfortable user interface just like the Windows or MAC OS.
  • Desktop Experience: With some features like Start Menu, taskbar and multi Window support with options to minimize, maximize, close and resize just like you do with the Windows or MAC OS, Prime OS gives you the exact experience as that you get while using the desktop. You can also use the shortcuts that you use in Windows, to move from one Window to another.
  • Gaming: The built-in Decapro key mapping, it allows you to play games using your keyboard and mouse just by pressing the key F2.
  • Apps Included: All the android apps are included automatically so no need to do it manually.
  • Feedback App: The feedback app is available which allows the user to give feedback through this app so that the team of developers gets the idea for the next set of improvements.

3. Bliss OS:

Bliss OS is a free open source emulator platform for Personal computers. It works perfectly with Windows, Linux or even with ChromeBooks. It provides the user extra customization features and security features. It is a completely secure and reliable emulator that you can rely on.


  • Customized User Interface: It allows the user to customize the User Interface as Desktop or tablet type or you can even combine them together as per your likes.
  • Speed and Stability: It works with very good speed yet being more stable with its performance. It has a very good performance in terms of CPU usage.
  • Battery friendly: It consumes less power thereby saving your battery.
  • Extra Security: It provides extra features to be more secure and reliable.
  • Better design: It has a good design to work compatibility on your PC. Though it has some problems with it, it is still giving the best experience to the users. However, it is open source and always looking forward to improvements.

4. Fyde OS:

Fyde OS is an android OS that is user friendly, secure, smart, artistic and always up-to-date. It works both online and offline.


  • Simple in design: It has a simple and minimal design which makes it less complex and also it comes with a user friendly interface.
  • Lightning speed: It boots up in a jiffy. It is always ready when you want to work with it.
  • Secure: It has built-in virus protection and encryption features which keeps your data safe and secure.
  • All in one: You might be having lots of apps running on your Web, Android and Linux, now all those you can have in the same screen.
  • Uninterrupted updates: It doesn’t make you wait for the updates to be complete, it will be done in the background without your notice before you shut down your PC.
  • Works offline: If you have lost the wifi signal, then it will work offline and as and when the connection is restored, it will synchronize the progress with the Android and Linux apps.
  • Multi-boot: It allows multi-booting, which means you can still boot to Windows even while working on Fyde OS to complete your task at Windows as well.
  • Light weight: It is a lightweight OS very much similar to the Google Chrome OS in use.

5. BlueStacks OS:

BlueStacks is one of the popular android emulators that helps to run android apps on your PC. Although it helps to run other apps, it is best suited for gaming purposes. Because of its amazing features, it gives you a amazing experience while playing games on your PCs.


  • Less RAM usage: It uses 50{8b25206b2b608bded7e9fa005a85c7dc5626dccaf9c0fbffb1c179ff4dafa117} less RAM compared to other emulators thereby saving your resource.
  • Lightening Fast: It works very fast, almost two fold faster than other emulators. And thus you will have amazing experience while gaming.
  • Less Occupying System Resource: It consumes less CPU and also maintains a stable FPS while you are having long gaming sessions.
  • Efficient Multi-tasking: It allows the user to run multiple games at the same time. You can turn on the ECO mode to reduce the CPU usage by 87{8b25206b2b608bded7e9fa005a85c7dc5626dccaf9c0fbffb1c179ff4dafa117}.
  • Secure: It is a safe gaming platform trusted by 500 million gamers. It keeps your information safe and secure.
  • Largest Gaming Library: It provides a large collection of games with unique titles.

Best Android OS for PC 2022

6. Phoenix OS:

Phoenix OS helps you to run android apps on your personal computer. It creates a bootable disk so that the android can run effectively as an OS on your PC or laptop. It is free to download and is published by Beijing Chaozhuo Technology.


  • User Interface: It has a similar user interface as that of Windows.
  • Start Menu: It has an advanced start menu that gives you a better experience.
  • Emulates Android: It runs the APK and emulates the android.

Final Words: Best Android OS for PC 2022

With the availability of numerous Android OSes, it is possible to work with Android apps and games on your PC with ease. Few of them are listed above with their salient features. All you need to do is just select the one of your choice based on your preferences and download it.

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